About US

desainYUK.com is our new subsidiary of PT. Kurnia Baruno Jaya which is wholly Indonesian owned company.

It's an expansion of early management experience in the interior design and renovation industry. In 2006 the present management of KBJ founded as first only D’Hoezee Interior Design and Furniture, which is a sole proprietor-ship in the designing and managing interior and building.The company's activities were limited to the Jabotabek region mainly serving the individual residence ,apartment , restaurant , hotel and office.

By 2012 sufficent experience has been gain by D’Hoezee Interior Design which has done a lot of project of building and renovation of individual residence, that it was obvious that expansion was required, which did not limit the company to Jabotabek and only in serving of interior design. The management incorporate a sister company, PT. Kurnia Baruno Jaya poised to operate throughout Indonesia, and further more in the construction business to expand our business which is including developer and also general contractor as well.

Our Value are commited to our people safety and health, as well as the environment and communities which we operate. The long term of our relationship with costumers is the value that we treasured to establish long lasting relationship which means costumers satisfaction and quality that given in the project itself should be at its best.

Our ability to grow our company safely and in a satisfaction of the costumer is way essential for our company. Also the growth of our ability through out each project will build our company to be strong, committed , responsible , excellent named company for its area.